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Friendship Heights Neighbors Network


Apply to Volunteer

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization, and we appreciate your interest in volunteering with us. Many FHNN volunteers tell us that their service brings a satisfying sense of purpose to their lives and a meaningful connection to their community. As an FHNN volunteer, you can choose from a variety of roles, and the time commitment is up to you!

What Do FHNN Volunteers Do?

There are many ways to bring your interests and skills to being a volunteer with FHNN. Volunteers assist seniors, our Full Members, who need help with everyday tasks and provide much-needed transportation help and social interaction. Volunteers also offer vital administrative assistance or take on a leadership or advisory role.

Who Are Our Volunteers?

We welcome individuals of all ages and abilities. Young people love connecting with other generations through service with FHNN. Seniors find this work especially rewarding, since they are helping their peers. People working from home in Friendship Heights enjoy the ease of service that comes with proximity. Our service area consists of the nine high-rise residential buildings in Friendship Heights, MD, and many of our volunteers live in the area.

Ways to Volunteer

There are three ways to volunteer at FHNN: direct service, administrative, and advisory/leadership roles.

Direct services to our members include:
  • Rides to doctors appointments or activities
  • Social visits to seniors at-risk of loneliness
  • Pick up of groceries and Rx
  • Errands in the community, including to the library and post office
  • Technology support, both computer and smart phone
  • Personal support, including phone check ins and reading
  • Collecting and sorting mail
  • Minor in-home tasks and repair, such as watering plant
Administrative support includes:
  • Event assistance, including registration and set up
  • Office support, such as envelope stuffing
  • Membership and volunteer outreach
  • Accounting/bookkeeping
Advisory and Leadership roles include:
  • NEW Advisory Committee Membership (there are three committees)
    — Communications
    — Programs
    — Fundraising
  • Building Representative (download job description, pdf)
    There is currently a position open for the following building:
    — The Willoughby
Our Advisory Committees are a new addition to FHNN and are intended to provide a broader input to our decision making and overall strategy. Advisory Committees meet quarterly on Zoom.

Our Building Representatives serve a vital function and provide a liaison between the residents of their building and FHNN. A fun group of dedicated volunteers meet each month on Zoom. Building reps also help disseminate information about FHNN to residents of their building and host an FHNN building event once a year.

Direct Service Volunteering
For those people who want to offer in-person services to our members, we'll provide the info you'll need to make your volunteer experience a success. At an orientation class we'll go over our guidelines and offer tips for working with seniors.

All direct service volunteers must pass a routine background check and sign a privacy agreement, which gives our members a sense of comfort and security. Those offering transportation services also have their driving record checked. (These checks are standard across all Villages.)

What About Liability Issues?

You are protected from liability connected to your FHNN service through both FHNN liability insurance and Maryland state law.

How Do I Sign Up to Volunteer?

It's easy. Fill out an online volunteer application form or call or email us. We will contact you to find out your interests and availability. 

Apply Online to Volunteer 

Questions? Please contact us by phone (240.620.3285) or email (

FHNN's Covid policy can be found at